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5 Things To See In Gdansk Old Town
By May 1, 2024

5 Things To See In Gdansk Old Town

Gdansk’s Old Town is among Europe’s biggest historic areas, with a history spanning over a thousand years. Many generations have left their mark here, creating a unique culture and history. Today, visitors can enjoy various attractions reflecting its lively past. Formerly used as warehouses and workshops, these places now house museums, eateries, and shops for tourists instead of merchants. Here is everything that you should see in Gdansk Old Town.

1. Explore a Beer Cellar and Savor Some Beer

Piwnica Rajców, or the ‘Counsellors’ Beer Cellar’, is a popular bar located in the Old Town. Despite its name suggesting it’s part of the Old Town Hall, it’s an extension within the cellar of Artus Court! Once you order your first pint of Danziger beer, you’re practically stepping into history. If you enjoy drinking below ground, check out ul. Piwna (Beer Street) and visit Jopengasse, another ‘Piwnica’ named after the street’s former name, inspired by astronomer Johannes Hevelius’s beer. Jopengasse isn’t just a pub; it’s also a mini-museum showcasing old Danzig. Explore old images and memorabilia of the city from before its name changed to Gdańsk after 1945. The Germanic brewing culture embraced by Poland can arguably be traced back to old Danzig!

2. Visit the Golden Gate

While exploring Gdansk’s Old Town, be sure to stroll through the Golden Gate, a must-see for architecture enthusiasts, history buffs, and photographers alike.

Dating back to the 17th century, the Golden Gate showcases remarkable Dutch Mannerism architecture. Its imposing presence, adorned with intricate sculptures, reliefs, and a golden crown, exudes grandeur and elegance.

Once part of the city’s fortifications, the gate now stands as a testament to Gdansk’s resilience over the years. Stepping through, you’ll be immersed in its rich history and significance.

Don’t forget your camera! The gate’s arches offer picturesque views of Gdansk’s cobblestone streets, vibrant buildings, and lively atmosphere, perfect for capturing memorable photographs of your visit.

3. Tour the Royal Way

Embark on your Gdansk adventure by embarking on a tour of the Royal Way, an iconic route that’s a must-see for all visitors. Here are some highlights to look forward to:

  1. Rich History: Walk through history as you journey along this ancient path, delving into the tales of kings and queens that have shaped Gdansk’s vibrant past.
  2. Architectural Marvels: The Royal Way boasts a collection of stunning architectural wonders, showcasing intricate details spanning Gothic to Renaissance styles. Be awed by landmarks like the Neptune Fountain and the majestic Artus Court.
  3. Expert Guides: Enhance your experience by hiring a knowledgeable tour guide. They’ll provide fascinating insights into each landmark, breathing life into the city’s history.
  4. Picture-Perfect Spots: Don’t miss the chance to capture memorable snapshots along the Royal Way. From colorful facades to cobblestone streets, there’s no shortage of captivating scenes to photograph.

4. Enjoy stunning city views from the Main Town Hall

Experience stunning views of Gdansk from the Main Town Hall’s observation deck. Located downtown, this landmark lets you admire the skyline. Whether you use the stairs or elevator, you’ll eagerly anticipate the sights.

At the top, you’ll see captivating scenes. The panoramas show Gdansk’s historic buildings and streets. From here, you can easily spot landmarks and the colorful Long Market.

Plus, the Main Town Hall is a masterpiece, with a beautiful facade. Take a moment to appreciate its beauty before enjoying the views.

5. Take a leisurely walk along the Long Waterfront (Długie Pobrzeże)

Situated along the western bank of the Motława River, here you’ll encounter the iconic Crane (Żuraw), a symbol of Gdansk’s prosperous trading era dating back to 1367. Originally used for cargo handling and ship mast construction, it’s now part of the Polish Maritime Museum, housing permanent exhibitions on port life from the 16th to 18th centuries.

Along the waterfront, you’ll also find charming restaurants and water gates at major intersections, characteristic of old Danzig architecture. Don’t miss landmarks like the Bread Gate (Brama Chlebnicka), St. Mary’s Gate (Brama Mariacka), and Trader’s Gate (Brama Straganiarska).

A visit to the Old Town Gdansk will take you to the historical days. So waiting for what? Get ready to explore some of the oldest parts of Gdansk.