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Hidden Gems of Africa: Lesser Known Destinations for Your Africa Vacation  
By September 15, 2023

Hidden Gems of Africa: Lesser Known Destinations for Your Africa Vacation  

South Africa has emerged as a year-round favorite for Indian travelers. Cities like Cape Town and Durban have become synonymous with the Rainbow Nation and are must-visit destinations on every traveler’s itinerary. However, this country also hides picturesque gems far away from the hustle and bustle of the typical tourist hotspots.

As South Africa’s travel scene shifts towards exploring the uncharted, these regions are swiftly finding their way onto the wishlists of many holidaymakers. South African Tourism has provided a range of activities in these towns that travelers can explore.

Don’t forget to include these less-traveled routes in your upcoming South Africa vacation.

1. Bourke’s Luck Potholes in Mpumalanga

Formed over thousands of years due to water erosion at the point where the Blyde River and the Treur River converge in South Africa’s Mpumalanga region, these potholes are unquestionably a mesmerizing sight to behold. The extensive erosion has given rise to the creation of cylindrical rock formations that resemble something out of a lunar landscape. Venturing a bit farther also offers a chance to witness a remarkable display of white, yellow, and deep brown swirls of color, a result of the soil carried by the water, revealing the sheer force of the waterfalls.

2. Islands in Mozambique

While the Seychelles and Mauritius frequently take center stage as Indian Ocean paradises, the islands of Mozambique present an untouched haven with pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and a mere fraction of the tourist crowds. Nestled off the Mozambican coast, the Bazaruto Archipelago stands as an undiscovered treasure awaiting exploration.

The largest among these islands, Bazaruto Island, boasts some of Africa’s most enchanting beaches and provides exceptional opportunities for diving and snorkeling. This island is renowned for its vibrant coral reefs and abundant marine life, which includes dolphins and dugongs. In close proximity, Benguerra Island offers luxurious lodgings and invites guests to partake in horseback riding adventures along its scenic shores.

3. Golden Gate Highlands National Park in Free State

Nestled within the undulating foothills of the Maluti Mountains in the northeastern Free State, the Golden Gate Highlands National Park is renowned for its awe-inspiring natural beauty. The park derives its name from the dazzling golden-yellow hues that grace its sandstone formations, particularly during the enchanting evening sunsets.

Abundant in diverse flora and fauna, the park offers opportunities to spot a range of wildlife, including Black Wildebeest, Blesbok, Eland, Mountain Reedbuck, Oribi, and more. It serves as an idyllic retreat for travelers seeking a peaceful escape surrounded by the splendors of nature. Additionally, the park showcases a variety of indigenous plant species, such as Fire Lilies, Watsonias, Arum Lilies, and others, adding to its natural allure.

4. Cape Columbine Lighthouse

Situated just outside the coastal town of Paternoster on the western shores of South Africa, the Cape Columbine Lighthouse occupies a region notorious for its numerous shipwrecks and unforgiving sea conditions. Its construction dates back to 1936 when it was established atop a cluster of rocky outcrops known as Castle Rock. To this day, it serves as a guiding light for ships navigating through these perilous waters.

This lighthouse carries special historical significance as it marks the final project of the renowned master lighthouse designer, Harry Claude Cooper. Furthermore, it distinguishes itself as one of only four lighthouses in South Africa that offer accommodations. Consider booking a night or two to discover the charming fishing village of Paternoster while enjoying your stay.

5. Africa’s Stonehenge- Adam’s Calendar

Sometimes referred to as the ‘African Stonehenge,’ this circle of standing stones is believed to be the most ancient man-made structure globally, dating back tens of thousands of years before both Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids of Giza. Remarkably, it stands as the sole known example of a fully operational and largely intact megalithic stone calendar worldwide, gaining public attention for the first time in 2003.

These stones are meticulously positioned to trace the sun’s movement, casting shadows on the rocks, and continue to function flawlessly today. Recently, scientists have made discoveries regarding sound frequencies characterized by their acoustic properties, originating from the earth within these circles, which possess the capability to conduct electricity. As these sound frequencies manifest on the ground’s surface, they take on the form of sacred geometry’s flower-like patterns.

6. Cederberg

Conveniently accessible from Cape Town, the Cederberg stands as an exceptional destination for enthusiasts of the great outdoors. This area showcases a distinctive landscape characterized by imposing mountains, striking rock formations, and unique flora and fauna, including the indigenous Cape Mountain Leopard.

As a result, this region presents outstanding opportunities for hiking, exceptional camping experiences, an extensive network of mountain biking trails, and excellent options for rock climbing. For those with an appreciation for culture and culinary delights, the Cederberg also offers a brewery, winery, a selection of gourmet dining experiences, and ancient San rock art to explore.

While the Cederberg is renowned for iconic landmarks like the Wolfberg Arch and Wolfberg Cracks, there is an abundance of hidden treasures awaiting discovery beyond these well-known attractions.

With its vast stretches of expansive deserts, awe-inspiring mountain vistas, and authentic cultural interactions, South Africa stands as an exceptional country ripe for exploration. While the majority of international tourists often gravitate toward well-known destinations like Kruger National Park, Cape Town, and the Garden Route, those who display the adventurous spirit to venture further afield are richly rewarded with truly extraordinary experiences.

So make sure you choose an off-the-beaten bath and explore these lesser-known places on your South Africa vacation. In case you need any help in planning your trip, feel free to reach out to our experts and they’ll take it ahead for you.