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Adventure Seeker’s Paradise: Activities To Add To Thailand Travel Packages  
By September 19, 2023

Adventure Seeker’s Paradise: Activities To Add To Thailand Travel Packages  

Beyond its renowned beauty and delightful experiences, the “Land of Smiles,” Thailand harbors well-kept secrets that only reveal themselves to those willing to dig a little deeper. Step away from the crowds and the familiar, and prepare to unearth Thailand’s thrilling side.

A Thailand tour offers an abundance of possibilities for exploration, excitement, and extraordinary experiences. Adventurous souls will discover a myriad of activities to engage in throughout the country. Whether delving into the depths of the ocean, navigating rushing rivers, or traversing lush rainforests, there are many exhilarating adventures that can be added to Thailand travel packages.

Scuba Diving

Location: Similan Islands, Phi Phi Islands, Richelieu Rock, Hin Mouang

Scuba diving is a super popular among Thailand things to do. It’s one of the top 10 adventurous things you can do here, and your trip won’t be complete without trying it. Thailand has a really long coastline, more than 2000 kilometers, and tons of islands. That means there are lots of cool underwater things to explore like reefs, underwater walls, caves, and shipwrecks.

Thailand has some of the best places in the world for scuba diving. The water is super clear, and it’s usually a comfy 28°C. There are lots of different kinds of sea animals to see, like big manta rays, eels, massive whale sharks, and even colorful fish. It’s an amazing experience!

Thailand has 27 special underwater parks, each one with its own unique beauty. When you go scuba diving, there’s a rule that says you can’t go deeper than 40 meters, and you can only do three dives in a day. But don’t worry, there are lots of schools that can teach you how to scuba dive safely and even give you a certification to remember your adventure.

White Water Rafting

Location: Pai River in Mae Hong Son, San Riveri in Loei, Mae Taeng River in Chiang Mai, Nan Mot Daeng River in Phatthalung, Khek River in Phitsanulok

Are you a fan of extreme water sports? Grab your friends or family, hop onto a raft, and embark on an exhilarating white water rafting adventure in the mighty rivers of Thailand. Many people may not be aware that Thailand offers several exciting whitewater rafting locations.

You can choose from various Thailand travel packages that combine camping, rafting, and trekking adventures in the untamed wilderness of northern Thailand. Local operators organize these rafting expeditions throughout the year. Pai, Chumpon, and Chiang Mai stand out as prominent destinations in northern Thailand where you can experience a heart-pounding ride filled with thrills. For an unforgettable experience, consider booking a package that includes both White Water Rafting and Elephant Trekking.

Kayaking and Canoeing

Location: Kaeng Khutkhu in Loei, Mu Ko Ang Thong and Rajjaprabha Dam in Surat Thani, Ko Kut in Trat-Ko Chang, Mu Ko Hong, Mu Ko Thale Tai

Kayaking and canoeing are super popular eco-adventure activities in Thailand. It’s really exciting to explore untouched places while you’re paddling in a kayak or canoe. In Thailand, you can do this in the sea or on inland rivers, and you’ll see beautiful places that haven’t changed for hundreds of years.

While you’re out on the water in your floating kayak or canoe, you’ll come across islands, lagoons, mangrove forests, caves, tall cliffs, and even rare plants and animals. It’s a thrilling experience that gets your heart racing. Even calm waters, like the ones in reservoirs and dams, can be super fun to explore.

The companies that organize these trips have all the equipment and services you need to enjoy nature without harming it. They’ll make sure you’re safe, and the guides are locals who know the area really well. They’ll show you all the amazing natural things, so you’ll have a safe and unforgettable adventure.

Mountain Biking

Location: Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand

Discovering the hidden treasures of Thailand in their truest form is best achieved through mountain biking. It offers a delightful escape into nature, where you can follow short trails winding through hills and forests.

Chiang Mai emerges as an ideal destination for biking enthusiasts, as it boasts biking routes brimming with adventure, tranquility, and natural beauty. A long ride through the countryside and by serene lakes provides a refreshing contrast to the hustle and bustle of city life. While Chiang Mai is renowned as Thailand’s premier mountain biking hub, you can embark on a biking ad

venture anywhere in the country. All it takes is a bit of research to select a suitable route for your journey.

Bungee Jumping

Location: Pattaya, Koh Samui, Phuket, Chiang Mai

Now is the moment to face your fears and experience the thrill of Thailand’s various bungee jumps that promise to leave you exhilarated. Make a visit to Pattaya Bungy Jump, home to the highest bungee jump in Thailand.

Here, a dedicated team of jump masters stands ready to ensure your safety and guide you through the experience. In Pattaya, you have the opportunity to take the plunge alongside your family and friends, and afterward, you can relax at the onsite bar while watching your jump session on a large screen for as long as you desire.

Surprisingly, Pattaya isn’t the only place where you can satisfy your adrenaline cravings; there are numerous other locations to get your heart racing.

Exploring thrilling adventure sports in Thailand gives you a new way to see this beautiful island. You’ll have a chance to enjoy the natural beauty and lively nightlife in a unique way. Whether you want the excitement of white water rafting, the thrill of scuba diving with whale sharks, or trying kiteboarding on sunny shores, there’s something for adventure seekers.

And if you’re still looking for more excitement, you can also try rock climbing on man-made walls or natural cliffs. Thailand has it all for those who love adventure.

If you wish to plan your adventurous trip to this beautiful country and are confused about where to travel in Thailand, reach out to our experts and they will come up with the best Thailand travel packages as per your need.