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7 Hidden Gems to Explore on Your Next Adventurous Trip to Chile
By July 12, 2023

7 Hidden Gems to Explore on Your Next Adventurous Trip to Chile

Chile, a land of incredible landscapes and diverse ecosystems, offers a wealth of hidden gems for adventurous travelers seeking unique and off-the-beaten-path experiences. From remote islands to stunning national parks, this South American country is a treasure trove of natural wonders waiting to be discovered. If you’re planning your next adventurous trip to Chile, here are seven hidden gems that should be on your radar.

1. Chiloe Island

Prepare to be enchanted by the remote archipelago of Chiloé, nestled off Chile’s south-central coast, where a world unlike any other awaits. The main island, also named Chiloé, boasts a captivating sight: vibrant houses standing on stilts, forming a colorful tapestry against the backdrop of the sea. It’s here that you’ll find the charming wooden churches, constructed by Jesuit settlers in the 17th and 18th centuries, showcasing a unique blend of architectural styles. Venture beyond the towns, and you’ll discover nature’s own spectacle in Chiloé’s surrounding waters.

Majestic blue whales gracefully glide through the deep blue expanse, while Humboldt penguins diligently construct their nests on the picturesque beaches. The abundance of marine life paints a vivid picture of the region’s biodiversity. Journeying to Chiloé is a worthwhile endeavor, and the adventure begins with a ferry ride from Pargua, a short drive southwest of Puerto Montt. As you traverse the waters, keep your eyes peeled, for dolphins often grace travelers with their playful presence, enhancing the enchantment of the voyage.

2. Marble Caves of General Carrera Lake

Nestled within the breathtaking Aysén Region of Chile, the Marble Caves stand as a mesmerizing testament to the beauty of nature’s artistic hand. Carved over millennia by the turquoise waters of General Carrera Lake, these remarkable formations are a captivating sight that demands exploration. Embark on a boat tour and venture into the heart of this natural wonder, where a labyrinthine network of caverns and tunnels awaits your discovery.

The Marble Caves offer a surreal and magical experience, transporting you to a world where nature’s artistry takes center stage. Every moment spent amidst these ethereal formations is a reminder of the awe-inspiring power and delicate beauty that exists within the natural realm. Allow yourself to be enveloped by the tranquil ambiance, as the gentle ripples of the lake and the graceful echoes within the caverns create a symphony of serenity.

3. Explore Atacama Desert

Uncover the captivating Atacama Desert, renowned for its rugged allure on your tour to Chile. Explore canyons, valleys, and the breathtaking night sky, inviting intrepid adventurers to hike and stargaze in its pristine surroundings. Discover the mesmerizing El Tatio geyser field, where nature showcases its raw beauty through powerful eruptions. Explore ancient ruins and archaeological sites, like the remarkable Tulor village, tracing human civilization for millennia.

Thrill-seekers can sandboard down towering dunes in Valle de la Muerte, an unparalleled experience. Embrace the challenges of the Atacama Desert and be rewarded with lasting memories, merging nature’s beauty and ancient history in an extraordinary odyssey. Embark on an unforgettable journey through the wondrous landscapes of the Atacama Desert and embrace the spirit of adventure.

4. Elqui Valley

While many visitors in Chile indulge in the national cocktail, the pisco sour, few venture to the birthplace of this renowned spirit. Valle del Elqui, located approximately 330 miles north of Santiago in the province of Coquimbo, stands as the epicenter of Chile’s pisco production. Embark on a guided distillery tour to witness the art of crafting grape brandy and partake in a tasting session to compare different varieties. However, Valle del Elqui offers more than just pisco. This serene valley serves as an off-the-beaten-path escape for all types of travelers.

Immerse yourself in superb hiking trails and gaze at the starry skies above. Savor the region’s wines through delightful tastings at local vineyards. Experience the thrill of kite-surfing at the Puclaro reservoir. And don’t miss the museum in the village of Montegrande, dedicated to honoring the legacy of the valley’s most illustrious resident, Gabriela Mistral. As the first South American to win the Nobel Prize, Mistral’s influence remains profound.

5. Lauca National Park

Discover the untouched wilderness of Lauca National Park on your trip to Chile. This remarkable park is a tapestry of natural wonders, from high-altitude lakes to snow-capped volcanoes, and is teeming with captivating wildlife. Traverse rugged landscapes and ascend to breathtaking viewpoints for panoramic vistas of the untamed wilderness. Encounter graceful vicuñas, vibrant flamingos, and elusive Andean foxes that thrive in this biodiverse sanctuary. Don’t miss the chance to visit Chungará Lake, a shimmering mirror reflecting the majestic Andean peaks. Lose yourself in the raw beauty of Lauca National Park and let nature’s grandeur leave an indelible mark on your soul.

6. Robinson Crusoe Island

Located 670 kilometers off mainland Chile in the Pacific Ocean, Robinson Crusoe Island entices adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts. This remote island, the inspiration for Daniel Defoe’s famous novel, captivates visitors with its untamed beauty. Robinson Crusoe Island is a place of contrasts, with rugged cliffs juxtaposed against pristine beaches. Stepping foot on the island, you’ll feel a tranquil atmosphere that transcends time. Its dense forests conceal ancient trees and lush vegetation, harboring undiscovered secrets. A highlight of the island is its unique flora and fauna, including endemic species found nowhere else on Earth. Explore the diverse ecosystem and encounter captivating plant life and remarkable creatures that have adapted to this isolated paradise.

For the adventurous, a hike to the summit of El Yunque is a must. This majestic peak offers awe-inspiring panoramic views. Robinson Crusoe Island is a testament to nature’s indomitable spirit, providing a sanctuary for those seeking solace in the untamed wilderness. Disconnect from the modern world and reconnect with the wonders of the natural realm.

7. Discover the Calm Coastline around Valparaíso

You can embark on a pilgrimage to the vibrant port city of Valparaíso, easily accessible by a two-hour bus or car ride from Santiago. Here, wander through the labyrinthine streets, immersing themselves in the bohemian ambiance while marveling at the panoramic vistas of the Pacific Ocean below. However, if you seek solace away from the crowds, consider venturing along the coastline outside the city. Heading north, you’ll pass through the bustling city of Viña del Mar before reaching the tranquil region that lies beyond. The coastal road unfolds, revealing a tapestry of old fishing villages and beach communities, inviting you to indulge in a seafood lunch, bask on a sun-drenched beach, or leisurely stroll along the sandy shores.

Along this scenic route, you’ll encounter the rustic charm of Zapallar and the picturesque beauty of Maitencillo, where dramatic rock formations adorn the shoreline, offering a serene escape from the urban bustle. To the south of Valparaíso, a visit to Isla Negra is a must. This enchanting island is home to one of the legendary poet Pablo Neruda’s residences, adding a touch of literary allure to your journey. While the museum itself may attract some tourists, the daily entrance is limited to maintain a serene atmosphere. As you explore Isla Negra, with its towering pine trees and the rhythmic crash of waves, you’ll find yourself pleasantly secluded in a remote oasis.

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In conclusion, Chile is a destination that never fails to impress adventurous travelers. With its hidden gems, this country offers an array of unique experiences for those willing to explore off the beaten path. So, plan your next adventurous trip to Chile and prepare to be captivated by its natural wonders and extraordinary beauty.